Carbide rotary file is an indispensable tool for chemical mechanical fitters, its use is widespread, especially in the aviation, marine, automotive, mechanical, and chemical. It can be used to cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, hardened steel and copper and aluminum.

High efficiency, long life durability than the smaller wheels for more than 100 times.

Wide range of applications, can replace small emery wheels, and can finish all kinds of metal mold cavity, clean casting, forging, welding flash, burrs and weld various parts of the chamfering, rounding and groove processing, impeller repair parts of light, clean pipe bore finishing machine parts surface, all kinds of metal and nonmetal carving.

Carbide rotary file mainly used for power tools or pneumatic tools drive (also can be installed in the machine on), speed is generally 6000-40000 r / min, using the time required to clamp the tool, the folder is, cutting direction should be from right to left even move, not cutting back and forth, while not too much force, work to prevent the cutting of flying, use protective glasses.